Live performances are a great way to learn about the Jazz Process. Author, Adrian Cho is a passionate educator who loves to write, speak and perform. Alex Hutchinson of the Ottawa Citizen dubbed him “a cool guide to hot jazz” while noting “you couldn’t have asked for a better guide to the music” and John Kelman of All About Jazz wrote “Cho’s intentions were clearly to educate as much as entertain, and he succeeded on both fronts.”

Adrian Cho performs solo or with a jazz ensemble to present the parallels between high performance teams in arts, sports, business and military operations. He customises every presentation for the target audience and invites them to participate as a group with dialogs and fun exercises. His presentations demystify jazz but most importantly, audiences are inspired to work more effectively as individuals and in teams.

Before or after a presentation, Adrian and his fellow musicians can deliver an extended jazz performance in any format from a duo to a full big band or neophonic orchestra. Music for cocktails, dinner, a concert or dancing are all possible. If you’re planning an event, this is a great way to both educate and entertain with a single exciting theme. Contact Adrian to book him for a speaking engagement.

Check Adrian’s calendar for public performances.