Book Errata


Page 51, paragraph 1: The Bay of Pigs invasion should be 1961, not 1962 as written.

Page 89, paragraph 1, line 20: “values” should be “valves.”

Page 198, paragraph 3, line 16: “execution champions” should be “executive champions”

Page 214: It is the first line of Shakespeare Sonnet 128 that is quoted, not the first quatrain as written. Additionally, the quote is wrong and should be “How oft when thou, my mu-sic, mu-sic play’st.” The published line is missing the second instance of the word “music.” Correspondingly, the rhythm that goes with this should be “ba-DUM-ba-DUM-ba-DUM-ba-DUM-ba-DUM” corresponding to the five feet in the line. The published line only mimics four feet of poetry with four instances of “ba-DUM.”


Page 53, paragraph 1, line 15: The “Team Central” view in Rational Team Concert has been renamed to “Team Dashboard” as of Rational Team Concert 3.0

Page 175, paragraph 1, line 6: In “covered for how scales” the word “for” is not needed

Page 191, paragraph 1, line 2: “rhythm syncopation” should be “rhythmic syncopation”

Page 214: Sidebar heading should be “What is Swing?” with “is” instead of “Is”

Page 237: There appear to be two spaces between “these apples” in the opening chapter quote