What is the one thing that can truly enable individuals and teams to collaborate and innovate with agility? All too often people expect to find salvation in the latest tools and technology, specific processes and best practices. These things will make a difference but they are useless without a culture that promotes the right principles.


Discover the Jazz Process, a framework for improving collaboration, innovation and agility in business inspired by the way in which jazz musicians deliver strong, innovative performances.

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Learn about the book that’s been endorsed by a diverse collection of thought leaders and praised by reviewers.

“a huge payback for the time invested in reading it”
Bill Wagner, C# expert and author of three books

“A top pick for any business collection!”
Midwest Book Review

“a very engaging discussion of innovation and innovation processes”

“A deep exploration of collaborative know-how”

“a deep and interesting perspective on the team dimension of software development”
Software Development Books

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Read articles about high-performance teamwork in business, software development, arts, sports, military operations and more.


Find out how performances can educate and inspire teams to greater success.

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